CICS_FranklinDisability Services Coordination is designated as the "single entry point" for persons with disabilities. The CICS Mental Health/Disabilities Policies seek to provide individualized supports that ensure choice, empowerment, and community integration for persons with mental illness, intellectual disability, or other developmental disabilities, while effectively managing costs.

The Disability Services Coordination process includes determining eligibility, assisting with referrals to service providers, monitoring services, tracking all service costs, and establishing a quality assurance program.

Franklin County is part of Central Iowa Community Services (CICS), which was formed under Iowa Code Chapter 28E to create a mental health and disability service region in compliance with Iowa Code 331.390. Within this region, CICS is creating a regional system designed to improve health, hope, and successful outcomes for the adults and children in our region who have mental health disabilities and intellectual/developmental disabilities, including those with multi-occurring issues and other complex human service needs. 

In accordance with the principles enumerated in the legislative redesign, CICS will work in a quality improvement partnership with stakeholders in the region (providers, families, individuals, and partner health and human service systems) to develop a system of care approach that is characterized by the following principles and values:

  • Welcoming and individual-oriented
  • Person and family driven
  • Recovery/resiliency oriented
  • Trauma-informed
  • Culturally competent
  • Multi-occurring capable

Applying for Services

Franklin County individuals seeking funding for mental health and disability services can apply at the Community Resource Center in Hampton. The office will determine eligibility for funding, provide specific information regarding services and supports in the local area, and assist with referrals to service providers.

Persons wishing to apply for region-funded mental health/developmental disabilities services may download the application by clicking the link above, complete the information requested and return the completed form to:

CICS - Franklin County
PO Box 58
Hampton, IA 50441

Or you may fax the form to 515-461-3623.

Who is eligible for funding?

  • People who have a mental illness, intellectual disability, or developmental disability; AND
  • Meet specified income and asset guidelines; AND
  • Reside in the CICS region; AND
  • Professional assessments have determined that the services are needed.

How do I apply for funding?

Click on the following link to download the CICS application for funding.

What if I need help to fill out the form?

Applicants may complete the CICS application themselves or receive assistance from Community Services staff.

Local Access
CICS Locations

Organizational Structure

CICS organizational structure assigns the responsibility for the non-Medicaid funded MH/DS services with the Governing Board. It also encourages stakeholder involvement by having a regional advisory board assist in developing and monitoring the plan, goals and objectives identified for the service system, and to serve as a public forum for other related MH/DS issues.

Learn more about the CICS organization structure, boards, and meeting agendas/minutes.