Provides assessment, referral and coordination services for people with mental health needs and disabilities. CICS is made up of 15 counties that work together to develop support for people looking for help with mental health or developmental disabilities. Each county has a service coordinator that will help you find and apply for programs and services to reach your goals. CICS is also able to pay for services for eligible individuals.

Services Coordination

Services Coordination is designated as the "single entry point" for people with disabilities. CICS Policies seek to provide individualized supports that ensure choice, empowerment, and community integration for people with a mental illness, an intellectual disability, or other developmental disabilities, while effectively managing costs. The Services Coordination process includes determining eligibility, assisting with referrals to service providers, monitoring services, tracking all service costs, and establishing a quality assurance program. Reach out to the Franklin County CICS office for more information.

General Assistance
Community Services administers the General Assistance program based on the Franklin County General Assistance Policy Manual approved by the Board of Supervisors. Franklin County General Assistance may offer short-term financial assistance to qualified people for such things as rent, utilities, prescription medications, transportation, and burial/cremations. Assistance is limited to the following: (1) "Poor Persons", meaning a person who has no property, exempt or otherwise, who are unable, because of physical or mental disabilities, to earn a living by labor. (2) "Needy Persons", who are those not meeting the definition in #1 above, yet meeting the financial eligibility of the County Assistance policies. Please call (641) 456-6034 for General Assistance.

Substance Abuse/Addiction Services
Substance Abuse/Addiction Services may be coordinated through the Franklin County Community Services Office. Individuals wishing to apply for county-funded detoxification services and are financially eligible may download the Central Iowa Community Services application, complete the information requested and return the completed form to: Franklin County Community Services, PO Box 58, Hampton, IA 50441 or you may fax the form to 641-456-2852.

HIPAA Compliance Office
This department has served in the past as the primary developer of our HIPAA Compliance Plans, HIPAA Emergency Mode Operations Plans and HIPAA Disaster Recovery Plans. Currently, the HIPAA Department serves in a maintenance capacity. Training and compliance reviews and responding to questions, clarifications, and complaints are the primary functions at this point. This department is also responsible for the 28E's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functions. We are required to perform this function under Federal Law.