The Franklin County Board of Supervisors passed an Open Burning Ordinance on June 1, 2015. This ordinance provides for the safety and welfare of residence and property in the county during a controlled open burning. It also outlines the provisions and procedures for implementing penalties for non-compliance.

Any person who intentionally ignites a fire shall provide fire suppression sufficient to control the fire from spreading out of control. The fire supervision and suppression method shall be in place prior to ignition of the fire. Other than the supervised use of outdoor fireplaces, barbeque grills, properly supervised landfills, or the burning of trash incinerators or trash burners made of metal, concrete, masonry, or heavy one inch mesh with no opening greater than one inch square, or according to other local ordinances, all persons engaging in open burning shall be required to give notification to the Franklin County Non-Emergency/Sheriff’s Department number (641-456-2731), whom will notify Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department personnel prior to the ignition of the controlled open burn.

No burning shall be allowed during Red Flag warning periods. Notification shall be given as to the name, address, location and time when the controlled burn is to take place and the fire suppression methods to be utilized. Any person who fails to give proper notification to the proper authorities prior to the controlled open burn may be found in non-compliance with this ordinance.  

In the event additional help is requested or required from the jurisdictional fire department to extinguish a controlled open burn, an officer of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office or the Fire Department Chief of the fire District or his designated representative, shall be dispatched to the scene of the fire to file a report of the incident. If after investigation and finding that fire suppression was not sufficiently provided prior to the ignition of the fire, or the fire was out of control, or entered upon other person’s property, the person responsible for the fire may be cited for non-compliance with this ordinance.

View Open Burning Ordinance No 5.13 (.pdf)