Assessor  Courthouse 1st Floor  641-456-5118
 Attorney  Courthouse Basement  641-456-6027
 Auditor  Courthouse 1st Floor  641-456-5622
 Board of Supervisors  Courthouse Basement  641-456-5624
 Clerk of Court  Courthouse 2nd Floor  641-456-5626
 Community Services  Community Resource Center  641-456-2128
 Conservation  Conservation Office  641-456-4375
 Courthouse Maintenance  Conservation Basement  641-456-6057
 Department of Human Services (by appt only)  Community Resource Center  800-873-1340
 Drainage Districts  Courthouse 1st Floor  641-456-5622
 Drivers License  Courthouse 1st Floor  641-456-5678
 Emergency Management  Law Enforcement Center  641-456-4252
 Engineer & Secondary Roads  Engineer's Office  641-456-4671
 Environmental Health  Community Resource Center  641-456-4090
 GIS & Mapping  Courthouse Basement  641-456-6045
 Home Health Services  Public Health Building  641-456-5830
 Information Technology  Courthouse Basement  641-456-6044
 Motor Vehicle  Courthouse 1st Floor  641-456-5678
 Naturalist  Conservation Office  641-456-4375
 Public Health  Public Health Building  641-456-5820
 Recorder  Courthouse 1st Floor  641-456-5675
 Sheriff  Law Enforcement Center  641-456-6035
   24-Hour Number  641-456-2731
 Treasurer  Courthouse 1st Floor  641-456-5678
 Veterans Affairs  1600 Central Ave E  641-456-5670
  Zoning  Community Resource Center  641-456-4090

Building Locations

Location Map

County Courthouse
12 1st Ave NW
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Community Resource Center
123 1st Ave SW
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Public Health Building
1600 Central Ave E
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Engineer's Office
1341 Olive Ave
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Conservation Office
1002 Central Ave W
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Law Enforcement Center
105 5th St SW
Hampton, Iowa 50441