Effective May 22, 2017: The Franklin County Board of Supervisors imposed a Filing Fee for Fireworks Permit applications.  The Board resolves that:

  1. A filing fee of $10.00 shall be assessed to all fireworks permit applications FILED OUTSIDE of the State permitted dates of June 1-July 8 and December 10-January 3, per Iowa Code SF489.
  2. Any application for a fireworks permit not accompanied by a $10.00 filing fee shall not be considered for issuance by the Franklin County Board of Supervisors.
  3. The filing fee is a non-returnable fee for the consideration of the permit and will not be returned in the event of a non-issuance of the fireworks permit.
  4. The Board of Supervisors has jurisdiction only in unincorporated areas of Franklin County.

Fireworks Permit Application

Fireworks Discharge

By signing and applying for a fireworks permit I do hereby accept full responsibility and liability for any and all injuries and/or property damage liability and due hold Franklin County harmless of any liabilities that may occur during the discharge of fireworks for which this application is intended.