Once a defendant has been assigned probation by a District Court judge or magistrate in Franklin County, the defendent must report to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, where the terms of the probation will be explained.

A defendant will remain on probation until he/she receives discharge from the Court.

The terms of probation include:

  • Obeying all laws whether they are Federal, State, or City Ordinances. The defendant will contact the Franklin County Sheriff upon any arrest.
  • Prohibiting the receipt, possession, or transportation of firearms by any person convicted of a FELONY, under Federal law.
  • Payment to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office of a $25.00 probation administration fee. This fee is NOT assessed as Court costs, but shall be collected directly by the Sheriff's Office within the first three (3) months of probation.
  • Completion of any jail time and community service with the dates and times set forth by the Court or Sheriff's Office.
  • Refraining from the use and consumption of any controlled substance or alcoholic beverages during the course of the probation. Breath, blood, or urine tests for the detection of these substances may be administered at the request of the Franklin County Sheriff or officer of the Sheriff's Office.
  • Securing and maintaining employment. The defendant will notify the Franklin County Sheriff's Office when unemployed or when his/her employment is changed.
  • Residency restrictions to the State of Iowa, unless exceptions are approved by the Sheriff. Any change of address will immediately be reported to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.
  • Personally reporting (in person or by phone) to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office once a month. If the defendant is unable to appear or report to the Sheriff's Office due to a work schedule, other arrangements can be made. The contact numbers are 877-646-7193 (toll-free) or 641-456-2731 (24-hour line)

The defendant is under the supervision of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office during the probation period. Failure to comply with any one (1) of the probation terms above will be deemed a violation of the terms and conditions of probation. Consequently, the probation will be revoked by the Court or the Sheriff's Office.

Any questions about probation should be directed to 641-456-6035.