Before our portion of the eviction process begins, it is advised to seek legal advice to obtain the necessary forms.

  • Scheduling the Writ: Once a Writ of Possession is issued by the court, contact the Sheriff's Office at 641-456-6035 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays) to schedule an eviction time.  It will NOT occur the same day the writ is issued.  Additionally, evictions are not conducted on weekends and must be completed before 5:00 pm. 
  • Courtesy Notice: The Sheriff's Office will deliver a copy of the writ along with a courtesy letter stating the date of the eviction to the address on the writ.  We try to do this at least 3 days before the scheduled eviction. Because personal service is not required, the deputy will post the courtesy notice on the door if no one answers. This courtesy notice is provided at no cost and is not added to the fees.
  • Eviction Day: The plaintiff is expected to notify this office if the defendant has voluntarily vacated the property before the scheduled time. If not, the deputy will perform a walk-thru of the property. Any weapons, drugs or cash will be held at this office for safe keeping. The writ of $30 dollars plus mileage will be billed if the deputy’s presence is required. A rate of $25/hour will be charged for each additional hour the deputy is present.The Sheriff’s Office does not get involved in determining property value. If the defendant vacates the property voluntarily, the plaintiff can decide if they would still like a deputy to stand while any remaining property is removed. It is advised to change the locks once the move is completed.
    • Manpower: The plaintiff is expected to provide enough manpower to complete the eviction in approximately 1 - 2 hours.  Again, the process must be completed by 5:00 pm. The plaintiff is required to move the defendant’s property to the nearest public right of way. The deputy’s duty is only to keep the peace and will not assist in moving property.       
    • Equipment/Supplies: The plaintiff is expected to provide supplies/equipment necessary to facilitate efficient removal of property. This may include protective gloves, keeping in mind the danger of sharp objects and/or blood borne pathogens. If appliances are being moved, the plaintiff is expected to secure or remove the door for child safety reasons.
    • Weather: If rain is imminent, we suggest using sheets of plastic or tarps to protect the defendant’s property thus preventing unnecessary damage. The eviction will only be postponed by the Sheriff’s Office due to severe weather conditions.
    • Animals: Any abandoned animals will be the responsibility of the plaintiff.
    • Vehicles:  The plaintiff will need to handle the abandoned vehicle process through their local law enforcement agency at the time of the eviction.
  • Cancelling the eviction: If the eviction is cancelled, the plaintiff accepts liability for any property left behind.