The Auditor's Office:

  • Begins the initial budget process by handing out budget worksheets to all County Departments with a timeline in which to follow. Once those budgets are prepared by each department, the Auditor's Office compiles and prepares the final worksheet for the Board of Supervisors to review. Upon their approval, the certified budget is sent to the State prior to the deadline stated in the Iowa Code. We accept budgets from the townships, cities, schools, fire districts, sanitary districts, hospital, and various entities to look over and submit to the State.
  • Compiles and computes the agricultural land credits, homestead credits, military exemptions, and family farm credits.
  • Prepares all monthly expense and revenue reports for all county entities. We figure the yearly cash and accrual reports along with annual Management Discussion and Analysis Report (MD&A).
  • Acts as the County's Human Resources department. We calculate payroll and all pertinent reports required.
  • Maintains the County's liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance for all departments.
  • Updates and keeps current the County's inventory of equipment, vehicles, office equipment, and property.
  • Custodian of official bonds of all officers, except the Auditor, Board of Supervisors, and Magistrates.