Red Marker: Franklin County Courthouse
Blue Marker: Engineer's Office
Green Marker: Conservation Office
Pink Marker: Law Enforcement Center (Sheriff's Office)
Purple Marker: Community Resource Center
Yellow Marker: Public Health Building 

Building Addresses

County Courthouse
12 1st Ave NW
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Community Resource Center
123 1st Ave SW
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Public Health Building
1600 Central Ave E
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Engineer's Office
1341 Olive Ave
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Conservation Office
1002 Central Ave W
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Law Enforcement Center
105 5th St SW
Hampton, Iowa 50441

The Franklin County Engineer's Office and Main Shop are located at 1341 Olive Avenue on the south edge of the Franklin County Fairgrounds. There are also maintenance shops located in Latimer, Sheffield, Hansell, Geneva, Bradford, and Popejoy.