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Franklin County
Engineer's Office
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Hampton, Iowa 50441

Phone: 641-456-4671
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Monday - Friday

John (Jay) Waddingham

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Layne Walvatne

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Susan Shier

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Clark Wilkinson


The County Engineer is responsible for all maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, reconstruction of pavements and bridges on the county highway system. This includes traffic control, safety, mowing and snow removal. In some cases, the County Engineer's responsibility also involves road access and oversize vehicles.

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for setting policy of which the county engineer must use his skills and expertise to responsibly implement and carry out. The County Engineer and Board of Supervisors must work together preparing an annual budget and five year program that identifies how the county will be spending its funding on the county roads.

There are four highway systems in the State of Iowa.

  • The Iowa Department of Transportation is responsible for almost 10,000 miles of primary roads including interstates.
  • The Cities of Iowa are responsible for 13,000 miles of streets and alleys.
  • The State Parks are responsible for almost 500 miles of roads.
  • The Counties are responsible for nearly 88,000 miles of roadway.

At the present time, the Franklin County secondary road system includes approximately

  • 213 miles of paved roads
  • 784 miles of granular surfaced roads
  • 12 miles of dirt roads
Located on the county roads are approximately 227 bridges or reinforced concrete box culverts and as many as 5,000 roadway pipe culverts.

Project Completed:

Sheffield Bridge Replacement Project  BRS-6940(601)--60-35

Sheffield C-13 Bridge - looking North

Sheffield C-13 Bridge - looking South


Project location: Over Bailey Creek within the City Limits of Sheffield, Iowa on 250th St. (County Rte. C13). Consisting of replacing the existing 150’ x 24’ Steel I-Beam Bridge with Stub Abutments and Concrete Pedestal Piers and Concrete Deck with Hot Mix Asphalt Approaches, with 150’-0 x 30’-6 Continuous Concrete Slab Bridge with Portland Cement Concrete Paving Approaches. 

Project started May 22, 2017 and  completed November 15, 2017. 

Contractor: Iowa Bridge and Culvert, L.C. of Washington, Iowa. 
Contract Bid Price: $1,111,948.57   
Final Cost: $1,111,027.46